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Iphone 4/4S Lens Filter (Holga)

RM 12.00 RM 29.00

Product specifications:

 Dimensions: 12cm (H) x 6cm (W)

Casing colors: Silver, black, red, blue and white (Please indicate what color you want when you make the purchase)

Effects and filters:

  • Dual image lens – produces 2 identical images

  • Triple image lens – produces 3 identical images

  • 6 image mirage lens – changes 1 scenery into 6 similar sceneries

  • 60mm macro lens

  • Romantic corrugated mirror

  • Spark lens – used for night shots, create a starry effect

  • Starburst lens – makes the scenery seem like its moving

  • Red filter with heart-shape effect – reduces absorption of blue and green hues

  • Blue filter lens

  • Empty hole for regular camera lens