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Pin Holes Glasses

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Now you can have healthier eyes and clearer eyesight with PinHole Glasses suitable for all ages. PinHole Glasses is a proven tool using the pin-hole principle to improve eyesight by helping the wearer to be less dependent on prescription glasses or contact lenses, and also inculcate good vision habits to eyesight improvement using the 86-year-old Bates Method.

Natural Look! Natural Eyesight! Natural Care!
* Restores vision for shortsightedness, longsightedness, astigmatism, lazy eye & crossed eye.

Stronger eyes make more sense than stronger glasses or contact lenses!


PinHole Glasses allows your brain to find the point of focus using your natural vision and this regular exercise helps your eyes’ focusing system. Your eyes, mind and body will learn how to coordinate and adapt optimally to bring about improved vision every day.

Frequent use of PinHole Glasses with no time limit for indoor activities (TV, computer, reading) will experience 10-20% vision improvement over the next 2-4 weeks.

PinHole Glasses BENEFITS:

  • No Risk, No Surgery, No Drugs
  • 100 % SAFE & NATURAL
  • NO Prescription (Scientific Pin – Holes)
  • NO Eye Testing
  • Reducing the prescription of your glasses and contact lenses
  • Prevent progressive myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism
  • Improves Vision Clarity & Resolution
  • Eliminates Eye Strain
  • Keeps Vision Intact
  • Clear & Central Vision at all Distances
  • Increases Object Brightness
  • Breaks Dependency on Glasses
  • Lightweight
  • One Pair for Life
  • Attractive Design
  • Very Affordable


How do you exercise your eyes with PinHole Glasses?

Put on your PinHole Glasses:-

Close your eyes and count 1 – 10 then open. Move both your eyes from side to side 10 times.

Slowly rotate your eyes in a clockwise direction, 10 times. Then repeat in an anti – clockwise direction. Close your eyes and count 1 – 10.

Yawn and blink your eyes to allow your brain to adjust.

Take a magazine or book. Hold it at arms length and choose a word. Concentrate on the word and slowly move your arms toward your eyes as closely as you can focus. Then slowly move to arms length again, still concentrating on your chosen word. Repeat 5 times.

Yawn a few more times, blink your eyes and start enjoying your reading, TV or computer.


1. When to use?
You can use PinHole Glasses during stationary activities such as reading, writing, using a computer, watching TV, watching a theatre performance or reading notes on a school blackboard. EyeAerobic is NOT recommended for activities where you are in motion, such as driving or in any situation where good peripheral vision is essential.

2. How long should I use PinHole Glasses?
Use it frequently with no time limit. The more you substitute your glasses with PinHole Glasses, the more your vision will improve.

3. Who should use PinHole Glasses?
PinHole Glasses can be used by anyone who requires visual correction between plus or minus 6 diopters. They can be worn by small school children who develop myopia (nearsightedness) due to excessive reading or by people in their 40s or older who have presbyopia, the farsightedness which develops with middle age. Also suitable for lazy eyes and crossed eyes.

4. Why I see double vision?
Most people adapt to the use of PinHole Glasses immediately. Some people may need 3 days to a week to adjust their eyes and minds to PinHole Glasses.

5. If I wear my strong glasses after using PinHole Glasses, won’t I undo the benefits?
PinHole Glasses glasses are not meant as an alternative to conventional glasses. Eye exercise, like any other exercise does not need to be continued all day to obtain benefit. While exercising, you are actually resting your eyes from the prescription glasses.

6.Will I have to keep on getting my prescription changed as my eyesight improves?
PinHole Glasses helps to build up flexibility in the eyes. You may be able to change to a lower prescription to help your eyes to improve further.

7. How do I know my vision has improved?
You are likely to experience 10 – 20% vision improvement in 2 – 4 weeks. Your existing pair of glasses should begin to feel over – powered and the world should look super – sharp.

8. Can PinHole Glasses really let you see as clearly as glasses do?
Yes! Even people who have worn glasses or contacts for years can see clearly with PinHole Glasses. PinHole Glasses will help to preserve a person's eyesight and prevent further deterioration from taking place.

9. The difference between glasses and PinHole Glasses?
Glasses and contact lenses clear up blurry vision artificially and temporarily. When your eyes are placed behind glasses, you will no longer use the focusing muscles in your eyes to the fullest. This important ciliary’s muscle begins to weaken, requiring visits to your eye doctor for stronger and stronger glasses. PinHole Glasses is 100% natural and safe because it allows eye muscles to see for itself, forcing the muscles to exercise and prevent progressive myopia.

Product Material: Plastic

Watch a Video about Experiment of Pinhole Glasses Here!