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The Amazing Cleavage Control Clip (Bra Strap) x 2 packs (3pcs/pack)

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The Amazing Cleavage Control Clip

The Ultimate Bra Strap Solution (Support, Enhance & Comfort)

The  Cleavage Control Clip puts the control in your hands. Just clip it on the back of your bra straps and your breasts are lifted or a youthful sexier look IMMEDIATELY.

  • Improve your posture
  • Eliminate falling bra straps
  • Life and support sagging breasts
  • Stop bra straps from cutting into your shoulders
  • Revive old stretched out bras
  • Transform your favorite bra into a racer back, miracle bra or support bra
  • Clip on your bikini top, for a shapely, sexier look
  • Perfect for racer backs and tank tops
  • Say good-bye to sports bras that flatten you
  • Go from flat to fabulous
  • Look sexy in seconds

Now you can stop wrestling with stubborn bra straps and give your cleavage a firm, youthful lift thanks to The Amazing Cleavage Control Clip : The ultimate bra strap solution/concealer!
You'll never risk another fashion faux pas with any bra again with Cleavage Control Clip!

Each pack includes 1 clear, 1 nude and 1 black clips